Choosing a Medicare FMO

Choosing a Medicare FMO: An Essential Guide for Independent Agents

Navigating the Medicare market can be complex, especially during the annual enrollment period (AEP). For independent agents and insurance agents engaged in Medicare sales, partnering with a reliable Medicare Field Marketing Organization (FMO) is imperative. A Medicare FMO provides support, helping you enhance your book of business while efficiently servicing the senior market.

The Role of a Medicare FMO

A Medicare FMO, a subtype of insurance FMO, is sanctioned to distribute various health plans, including Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement insurance. Independent insurance agents contracted with these organizations gain access to sell top Medicare products from different insurance carriers. Beyond facilitating the sale of Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans, they offer an array of insurance products, broadening your portfolio.

FMO Services for Independent Agents

Services offered by FMOs are extensive. For agents in the Medicare market, agent support is provided through various means, including webinars and marketing materials, crucial for those in the insurance business. Lead programs are often initiated by the FMO to assist agents in acquiring new clients, while the release policy of many FMOs allows for open release, giving agents flexibility.

These organizations also support captive agents and independent agents alike, offering tools like a quoting tool and referrals, which are essential for expanding one’s Medicare sales. IMOs, or Insurance Marketing Organizations, often work closely with FMOs, providing additional support and resources for agents.

Training and Support

Training provided by the FMO to Medicare agents is integral to understanding the nuances of products like Medicare health plans and prescription drug plans. The training often includes no-cost webinars and FAQs sessions to address common concerns and challenges faced by agents in the field.

Partnership with Insurance Companies

A robust Medicare FMO will have partnerships with leading insurance companies, such as Cigna. This collaboration allows agents access to a variety of health insurance products, including life insurance and other insurance related to the senior market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Medicare FMO?

A Medicare Field Marketing Organization (FMO) specializes in distributing Medicare-related insurance products. It provides support and resources to insurance agents, helping them sell Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement Insurance, and other related health plans efficiently.

How does an FMO get paid?

FMOs earn through commissions, typically received from insurance carriers for every policy sold by agents under their network. They might also earn bonuses based on the volume and performance of the insurance products sold.

What’s an FMO?

An FMO, or Field Marketing Organization, is a company that partners with insurance carriers to distribute various insurance products through a network of agents. They offer support to these agents in terms of training, lead generation, marketing materials, and more.

What is an IMO or FMO?

An IMO is an Insurance Marketing Organization. While both IMOs and FMOs provide support to insurance agents, IMOs primarily focus on life insurance products. FMOs, on the other hand, typically have a broader focus, dealing with health, life, and other types of insurance products.

What does FMO stand for?

FMO stands for Field Marketing Organization.

What is the difference between an IMO and FMO?

The main difference lies in the types of insurance products they specialize in. IMOs primarily deal with life insurance products, while FMOs have a broader range of products, including health and life insurance. Additionally, FMOs often offer more extensive support and resources for agents selling Medicare and health-related products.

What does an FMO do?

An FMO supports insurance agents in selling insurance products by providing them with necessary resources, training, and access to various insurance carriers. They help agents build and grow their book of business while navigating through the complexities of the insurance market. FMOs also facilitate the partnership between agents and insurance carriers, ensuring a smoother process for selling and distributing insurance products.


For those looking to make a mark in Medicare sales, selecting a Medicare FMO that offers comprehensive support for independent agents is crucial. From providing essential training to facilitating partnerships with top insurance carriers, these field marketing organizations play a pivotal role in an agent’s success in the insurance business. Ensure to opt for an FMO that supports your growth in the competitive Medicare market.